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The company Fratelli Barri

Fratelli Barri has a great creating furniture history in art deco, classic and neoclassic styles. Fratelli Barri started the new line of production with their own collections of furniture. In their collections the factory added: the furniture for the bedroom, for dining room, for the living room, for office, upholstered furniture, interior items and home accessories.


The furniture of Fratelli Barri is very exciting and in a great demand. The company succeed in mixing and combining the classic soft lines and the strict verticals of the modernity. The lines of individual items are ductile and adapted for the different interiors, various styles and will suit and decor. Bedrooms, dining rooms and offices are fashionable and relevant belongings which easily harmonize with already existing space, without violating, on the contrary imparting a special charm and the feeling of the recency.

As a color accents Fratelli Barri uses the glitter of silver leaf, noble venge and pearl lacquer.